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We have the greatest family band that anyone could ask for. You can learn the bagpipes or the drums in our one of a kind band! Throughout the March season we participate in all types of events that include parades, festivals, and some very entertaining private gigs. Great camaraderie and fun is guaranteed. No matter your experience, beginners or veterans, we welcome you all with full arms.

Although we wish to include people of all ages, the band is strictly 18 years of age or older organization.

*Please see annotated paragraph for more information

For prospective students...

The band's philosophy has always included high quality instruction. Lessons are provided for a small fee, and members are encouraged to participate as much as possible. Northport Pipe Band has an excellent record of training new students in piping and drumming; a musical background is helpful for beginners, but is definitely not a prerequisite. 


The piping student must purchase a practice chanter, and the drummers must purchase drumsticks and a practice pad. Students are assigned a specific time for instruction and placed in a group with similarly skilled students. When students are ready to advance, the band will recommend a number of reputable instrument suppliers from whom the student may purchase a set of bagpipes or drums.


The pipe major will determine an individual's proficiency by their playing abilities - e.g. knowledge of core tunes and instrument. Assuming all goes well, the band will issue a full uniform to the student and their status becomes a novice piper or drummer. There is minimal cost to the student (or full band member) for the uniform as long as they continue to participate. The member is expected to continue to progress over time to become a full band member capable of handling a wide range of music.

Practice is held at 7:30 PM Monday evenings in Northport Village. Our goal is to maintain a band environment in which each individual can reach his or her full playing potential while enjoying the support and camaraderie that the band is been noted for. 


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*Due to legalities the band cannot accept any new members under the age of 18.  As this is mainly an adult organization, many gigs are held in an environment not suitable for minors.  It is not the responsibility of our members to supervise or chaperone minors. The only exclusion follows as such; current members are allowed to invite family members to the band if they are under the age of 18 on a case by case basis.  This is determined by band management.  

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